Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm 23 weeks, still trying to enjoy the "energy spurt" I was told I'd get before I get ginormous.
 But unlike this time last year, where I was spending most of my time in college classes and hanging around the campus in all my adorable outfits that all fit me oh so correctly, I feel I have barely anything to fit into to still look like myself.
 I learned quickly that most maternity clothes are not very supportive of looking like a we actually took the time to get ready. I got really depressed there for a while because of how everything fit. But recently, I've started dabbling more.
 Above, I have on a dress, yes a dress. It came to about mid thigh right when I bought it, and I think between my learning "what you can and can't dry in the dryer" stage and my bump, it's now hereby being dubbed a shirt.
Over it I just have a simple, lightweight cardigan from Old Navy.
Paired with a skinny, light leather belt I have had forever.
My jeans are from Motherhood Maternity, really the only maternity items I would buy (except for a few adorable shirts I happen to find.) I actually like the full panel belly, it last the whole pregnancy and I feel like it gives you more breathing room. 
And then of course, my moccasins.

It has been spring all winter here in the south east, so I haven't had the chance to layer like I really love to in the winter. Breaks my heart, really.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

i adore....

Every single late night talk with him..
About our future, about our baby boy.
About our dreams, he really pushes and supports my dreams.
I hope I do just the same.
It means the world.

I love you Jonathan.


it's a tobyn!

This is how my very surprised family found out we were have a Mr. Tobyn, and not a Miss Ellette.

We cut the cake with all my family there (Jonathan's family and mine sadly live 3 hours apart) and the icing inside of the cake showed what we were having. Everyone was so surprised, my family is like 90% girl. We really needed another little man ;)

And of course we are still both 10 years old, obviously.

I loved doing this. It really made it a whole different experience. We knew for about a day before they did, because we went to the ultrasound with Jonathan's mother the day before. Then drove up to see my family. It was so hard to talk to my mom or sister on the phone for those 24 hours, and apparently I am awful at secrets because they said I slipped up and said "he" in conversations. I, of course, remember no such things.


Prenatal Vitamin Vitality

"Look luscious hair, look luscious."

So, never in my life have I been able to take any type of vitamin diligently enough to do any real good. But, its a whole lot easier to remember to take them when you think about how wonderful it is for the baby. So I've actually been able to enjoy some of the "Yippies" of prenatal vitamins.

 Like, my hair, its finally growing, like really growing. And its "luscious", for me at least. I have been cursed with the world thinnest, and slowest growing locks ever. Its a rough life. But then my mother informed me the other day that all that hair that hasn't fallen out in the past 9 months... will. After the baby. Do what? :(

Oh, ha, and I wouldn't be able to tell you if it helps your nails thicken, because ever since being pregnant I have picked back up my childhood/preteen habit of biting my nails?? It's awful, I am going to make it my goal for the next month to really work on that, because I feel like I'm seriously missing out. 

And I found out the other day as well, if you take prenatal with orange juice it helps you absorb the nutrients better, because of all the Vitamin C. Sweet, I can do that!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Well Hello.

I'm not so sure if I'll be able to keep this up. I have tried before and failed, but this time I have a reason, a real one. 
The sweet baby boy growing inside of me will one day be 20 and I'll want to remember these days and since I make excuses for journaling like "It hurts my hand" (seriously, lame I know) then maybe this will do the trick.

Plus, my photography is growing, and I feel the need to place it somewhere. This somewhere is now here.

Oh, and any day where I actually fit into something correctly is a wonderful day for me, so yeah, those days will also be put here for me to feel like I haven't completely lost all my knowledge of fashion sense since this baby bump.

And my new found feelings of wanting to make our home more homey is bringing me to some pretty interesting attempts at creating things. One day we'll make our white apartment walls the most interesting thing on the block. 
So, all of those are a decent reason for a blog, we shall see.