Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it's a tobyn!

This is how my very surprised family found out we were have a Mr. Tobyn, and not a Miss Ellette.

We cut the cake with all my family there (Jonathan's family and mine sadly live 3 hours apart) and the icing inside of the cake showed what we were having. Everyone was so surprised, my family is like 90% girl. We really needed another little man ;)

And of course we are still both 10 years old, obviously.

I loved doing this. It really made it a whole different experience. We knew for about a day before they did, because we went to the ultrasound with Jonathan's mother the day before. Then drove up to see my family. It was so hard to talk to my mom or sister on the phone for those 24 hours, and apparently I am awful at secrets because they said I slipped up and said "he" in conversations. I, of course, remember no such things.


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