Saturday, March 10, 2012

rutabaga baby.

  25 Weeks today... And I'm feeling it. 
Apparently.... he's the size of a rutabaga? 
Probably the most unattractive vegetable I've ever came in contact with.
But, I'm pretty positive baby boy is the cutest thing I'll ever come in contact with, next to his daddy ;)
June, hurry and be here.


bed, baths and beyond....

Can I just go ahead and determine for us all that baths were created for pregnant women? 
I would take 3 a day if it were socially acceptable. Every little ache, pain, pressure or bloated feeling disappears while I'm relaxed in my wonderful ocean of bliss. 
And apparently you aren't supposed to take baths while pregnant, let alone hot ones.
I'm definitely guilty of taking baths, and I try my best to keep it under temperatures that my skin turns red.
It's really just because you aren't supposed to raise your core temperature, so if I ever feel dizzy, its cold water for me!
This week I've been working really hard on my photography website, which will hopefully be up and running in the next week or so. 
We've finally picked out Tobyn's bedding, and we even got a crib this week! It was from a friend of a friend's with the mattress, for $50! We basically stole it! The one we were going to buy + the mattress would have been at least $300, and not as nice. We. Are. So. Blessed.
The crib is a lighter more natural wood than the crib below.


Monday, March 5, 2012

not so housewifey...

 I am attempting to cook more and more. So says the girl who finds a way to burn things that shouldn't even know how to burn. 
But, we are getting there. Slowly but surely. Thanks to Pinterest. Where I tend to find it a lot easier to find something to cook (that's always been my problem, aside from the burning everything, is that I don't know where to start). It allows we to collect recipes based on how yummy they look, so I save them and when I decide to go grocery shopping I'll try one or two. Not always succeeding, and poor Jonathan, I'm learning his tasting faces, but he's sweet and normally tells me it's soooo delicious. 
But, like I said, It's getting better.

Cheers to the countless nights I'm on speaker phone with my mom or sister or calling them at every step of recipe. I'm pathetic.
The dish above something we just kind of threw together last night, it was yummy, actually.
Chicken wrapped in bacon, rolled in cheddar jack cheese and bacon crumbles.
I should give myself more credit.


Friday, March 2, 2012

happy-lishous birthday

Jonathan's birthday was yesterday, the day he went back to work. My birthday next month is the same way, the day after my weekend. Grrrr. Oh well. 
We went to see his family, who all are so sweet and supportive of us. I got called everything from Mamma to "Pot Belly Pig", that name credit goes to his Uncle Chad. 

We were trying to figure out what his mom wanted to be called, this is her first grandchild so we gotta get creative. Nana is already taken, that's my mom, who is already Nana to 7 grandchildren (yikes we make a lot of babies ;) I don't think we ever came to any conclusion though.

For his birthday, I was going to get tickets to either a Red Hot Chili Pepper, Dave Matthew's Band, or John Mayer concert. All which are around 3 to 4 hours away from us, because we live in a deep dark hole of a town. But, I think I'm just helping him buy some new music equipment in the next few weeks.
Because I'm ready for him to be able to get serious. 
That guys got talent, and it needs to be seen.

His birthday was a perfect excuse to make an Oreo Cheesecake, from scratch. Yeeeeah buddy. 
Yes of course I meant for the cookies to be cracked, broken and falling all over the place on top.
 Its "artistic".
And take lots of talent, duh.
And it surprisingly tasted delish.

Happy Birthday, darling.