Friday, March 2, 2012

happy-lishous birthday

Jonathan's birthday was yesterday, the day he went back to work. My birthday next month is the same way, the day after my weekend. Grrrr. Oh well. 
We went to see his family, who all are so sweet and supportive of us. I got called everything from Mamma to "Pot Belly Pig", that name credit goes to his Uncle Chad. 

We were trying to figure out what his mom wanted to be called, this is her first grandchild so we gotta get creative. Nana is already taken, that's my mom, who is already Nana to 7 grandchildren (yikes we make a lot of babies ;) I don't think we ever came to any conclusion though.

For his birthday, I was going to get tickets to either a Red Hot Chili Pepper, Dave Matthew's Band, or John Mayer concert. All which are around 3 to 4 hours away from us, because we live in a deep dark hole of a town. But, I think I'm just helping him buy some new music equipment in the next few weeks.
Because I'm ready for him to be able to get serious. 
That guys got talent, and it needs to be seen.

His birthday was a perfect excuse to make an Oreo Cheesecake, from scratch. Yeeeeah buddy. 
Yes of course I meant for the cookies to be cracked, broken and falling all over the place on top.
 Its "artistic".
And take lots of talent, duh.
And it surprisingly tasted delish.

Happy Birthday, darling.


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