Monday, March 5, 2012

not so housewifey...

 I am attempting to cook more and more. So says the girl who finds a way to burn things that shouldn't even know how to burn. 
But, we are getting there. Slowly but surely. Thanks to Pinterest. Where I tend to find it a lot easier to find something to cook (that's always been my problem, aside from the burning everything, is that I don't know where to start). It allows we to collect recipes based on how yummy they look, so I save them and when I decide to go grocery shopping I'll try one or two. Not always succeeding, and poor Jonathan, I'm learning his tasting faces, but he's sweet and normally tells me it's soooo delicious. 
But, like I said, It's getting better.

Cheers to the countless nights I'm on speaker phone with my mom or sister or calling them at every step of recipe. I'm pathetic.
The dish above something we just kind of threw together last night, it was yummy, actually.
Chicken wrapped in bacon, rolled in cheddar jack cheese and bacon crumbles.
I should give myself more credit.


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