Thursday, September 20, 2012

3 months of joy... free house cleaning printable.

My baby is getting so big.
I enjoy waking up every morning to his big smile.
He is such a morning boy. :)

I'm working on my cleaning skills, as far as keeping up with and taking care of a whole house.
It's a lot different than an apartment.
I try to keep it clean and have it clean for when Jonathan gets home, because he deserves that, but I'm not perfect.

I tell you what, Pinterest has been such a lifesavor. I am also learning and improving to cook. Pinterest is my go-to for everything.

Here is a link to a free printable that has really helped me out with getting my cleaning and housekeeping under control:

Also here is the link to my Organization Pinterest board, follow if you'd like ;)
Pinterest Organization Board


Monday, September 3, 2012

getting to know this "mommy" person that I am.

It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been getting my bearings on being a mom. 
If that ever happens? 
I had some rough spots at first. 
Engorgement issues, 
small case of Mastitis, twice. 
Really yucky baby blues.
But really, other than that, this whole mommy thing I think I can do.
Tobyn is such a perfect baby.
 I'm slightly bias, but he only cries when he has a reason to.
And he lets us sleep a pretty fair amount.
I think we were blessed super huge on this one.

We recently moved from the town we lived in, where Jonathan and I met, where it all began. 
That was hard, but we moved into a house, so no worrying about keeping up neighbors in an apartment with a crying baby. Super awesome. 
We are close to family, his family.
 Even farther from mine now, which is difficult.
  Going to see them is a huge ordeal and very stressful. Tobyn is NOT a "ride the baby around in the car to get him to stop crying" kind of baby. He hates the car. 

Trying to think about my future, my families future.
 I want to go back to school, I know I need to do it now. Or so I'm told I will never go back. I'm seeing what I can do. 

   My issue I'm having right now, as far as mommy business, is balancing being a mom and being myself. I'm still trying to understand that I, myself, am a mom now. 
They are not two people, but one that have to coincide with one another. 
It's like I sometimes have an issue taking off the mommy hat and putting on the Lyndsey hat when needed or necessary. I'm trying not to loose myself entirely.  

Did anyone else have this issue? What helped you?