Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Wall Gallery

If you've kept up with us, you know we recently moved into our first house. Still a rental, but it's a house and probably 4 times larger than our last apartment. Which means... LOTS of wall space.
I have been trying to spend some creative time coming up with ways to cover these walls, in a way that we love but that is... to be honest.. dirt cheap.
Going out and buying designer art just isn't gonna happen for this one salary family.
So, I got creative.

I started collecting lots of picture frames, from yard sales and family. 
I probably paid a total of $5 for all of these frames.
I laid them all out on my patio and rearranged them around until I liked what I saw.
Then I went to Lowe's and picked up some of their Sample Paint.
I wish some had told me about this years ago. 
It's $2.98 for 8 oz. 
That's plenty for craft projects and perfect because you get to pick the exact shade.
I've been going nuts with it.
I used Sauna, Evergreen and Humboldt Earth from Valspar.
I painted them all different colors, keeping the like colored frames away from one another.

I then decided I wanted more than just pictures in this. 
I had been holding onto these 4 burlap canvases that I had for like a year.
I got them at Micheal's when they had them on sale for like $.25.
I then Googled "Good Four Letter Words" because I was that stumped about which word to choose.
"Home, Love, Live, Pray.. etc." 
I decided since it was by the door "Live" was a great reminder word to get out there and well.. "Live".
So I painted them on. No real strategy to that.
I also had that old key that was given to me, it had daisies on it originally but I decided to paint over it and hang it up here since I am always loosing keys. 
I also had two types of cloth I was given from a family member as well, I thought they would do well on this wall. They had some of the colors from the color scheme, but not all, so it was perfect from keeping it looking to "matchy matchy."
Then I threw it all on the wall, rearranging some as I went to make it work better.
The Photography in the frames is mine. It's pictures I've taken over the past three years that I always wanted to frame, finally I am. :)