Sunday, April 1, 2012

2.25 lbs and 75% complete

Yes, that's a cauliflower.
They tell me our sweet man is about 2. 25 lbs.
OH EM GEE. We are three fourths of a way there!!!!!
Third Trimester babay!
(I'm only slightly excited, obviously)

Enjoying the heck out of all this beautiful weather.
I just love spring. Hopefully we get an actual spring, because we never did find Winter.
I have a birthday next week, and we are going to Savannah, GA.
I am literally too excited. We need a getaway, a "babymoon" I guess is what they call them.
Birthdays are so weird when you get ....older.
I could seriously care less this year. Maybe it's because we are young and broke, and don't get to do much.
Except go to Savannah, and take pictures of beautiful, wonderful things.
Just being given the opportunity to do that, and hold my sweetheart's hand at the same time is more than enough for me :)


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