Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm 23 weeks, still trying to enjoy the "energy spurt" I was told I'd get before I get ginormous.
 But unlike this time last year, where I was spending most of my time in college classes and hanging around the campus in all my adorable outfits that all fit me oh so correctly, I feel I have barely anything to fit into to still look like myself.
 I learned quickly that most maternity clothes are not very supportive of looking like a we actually took the time to get ready. I got really depressed there for a while because of how everything fit. But recently, I've started dabbling more.
 Above, I have on a dress, yes a dress. It came to about mid thigh right when I bought it, and I think between my learning "what you can and can't dry in the dryer" stage and my bump, it's now hereby being dubbed a shirt.
Over it I just have a simple, lightweight cardigan from Old Navy.
Paired with a skinny, light leather belt I have had forever.
My jeans are from Motherhood Maternity, really the only maternity items I would buy (except for a few adorable shirts I happen to find.) I actually like the full panel belly, it last the whole pregnancy and I feel like it gives you more breathing room. 
And then of course, my moccasins.

It has been spring all winter here in the south east, so I haven't had the chance to layer like I really love to in the winter. Breaks my heart, really.

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